Fashion journal

1. A very delicious club sandwich i had for lunch while shopping with my girlfriend.
2. A night out for drinks with one of my closest friends.
3. Byebye Blackberry.. hello Samsung Galaxy S plus! Meet my new smartphone.
4. A new bag for the beach.I love the yellow..reminds me of the sun.
(Now hoping that the rain will end very soon here in Holland!!pfff july?...)
5. Yes the shirt that i have in pink.. now i've bought the blue verion in Sale.
6. Todays breakfast: Vanilla yoghurt with strawberries and blackberries.
7. I'm addicted to jelly beans!
8. Last but not least: My new addiction ESSIE nailpolish.. this colour is so faboulous. I did get lots of compliments this week.


IDM newborn fotografie