Details of today

Shirt Vero moda/ cardigan River Island/Jeans LBT/Bag Zara/ Jewelry bought in Ibiza/ Nailpolish Essie


  1. would love to know the brands of your jeans, your shirt and your vest! :) espacially love your jeans! :)

  2. Hi Mirjam!
    The name of the brand of my jeans is: LTB by little big.
    It's my favourite.. i have a few pears of this brand.
    The shirt is from Vero moda.. and the vest from River Island!(fall/winter 2010 collection) ( I forgot to put the brand names in the post sorry)

  3. Lovely outfit...Simple and chic!!!I love it girl.

  4. Love your outfit! Especially the vest and your bag! They're both gorgeous on you!! :)
    xx from Munich

  5. Wow love this, your bag is beautiful! Great outfit.



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