Winter selection

You know when it's sunday, you dont have to go anywere and have the whole day to yourself?
Yes thats why I've decided to make my closet "winterproof"
All the summer clothes left the closet.
This time I've made a collection of accessoires that I will use optimal this winter.
Have you already sorted  your closet yet?


  1. Hallo, i've read your beautiful blog!! Follow me on, this week are a unique giveawey:)

  2. Dankjewel voor je lieve comment! Hele leuke post, en wat een mooie accessoires heb je!

    Xoxo Whitney

  3. Leuke post Ilse! Ik vind je Chanel 2.55 heel erg mooi! :)
    Is ie vintage? En waar heb je hem vandaan? XXX

  4. I'm awful with sorting and separating my closet! The furthest I can manage to get is "winter: sweaters in closet; summer: sweaters in trunk". I wish I was as organized as you! Your collection is great, by the way. I've been looking through your blog entries and I must say, I've become addicted! Love it!

  5. you have a pretty blog! love it! i invite you to participate in a giveaway from ROMWE in my blog!


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