Beauty favourites

These products I can seriously recomment. I use them almost everyday..

1: Chanel bronzer: I use this one as a foundation.
2: YvesSaintLaurent pink lipstick.
3: Chanel: limited edition nailpolish "May"
4: Guerlain: bronzer but I also use it as a blush.
5: Maybelline: Mascara "The colossal volume"
6: Kerastase: Seriously the best thing ever for your hair! It's making your hair shine and keeps it in good condition.
7: Kiehl's lipbalm: against dry lips.

So tell me what are your favourites?!


  1. lovely post and your new header is fantastic!

    1. Thanks! yes do you like it? spend a lot of work on the header last night haha.

  2. super mooie header!!
    de guerlain bronzer is fantastisch!

  3. Ik heb de khiels lippenbalsem ook gehaald maar dan de normale variant zonder smaakje. Super lekker spul heb ook proefjes gekregen dus die ga ik proberen en ga ik zeer zeker meer halen haha. ;) x


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