New in: Face products Kiehl's

From the first moment I tried Kiehl's, I became addicted to it!
It takes care of your skin from the inside out and it's so natural.
The brand is sold worldwide and is also very popular with models and celebrities.
Here in the Netherlands it is difficult to find products from Kiehl's because they only selling it at two locations.
In the store you get professional advice from someone who is an expert and who take's the time for you.
I took al lot of samples with me.. so I think I will come back for more.
As I always say : Never save on your skin :)


  1. That's great that you found products that work well for you!
    About "Never save on your skin"; I completely agree but I personally found out that a 5€ night creme works better than Clinique or something like that that is more pricy... You have to give everything a try :D

  2. totally agree! Its not always about the price.

  3. yes! splurge on your skin! i love kiehl's! been an avid user for 2 years now.. :)you've got a nice blog by the way..:) kisses from VV!


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