New in

 SO happy with these new items!
1# my new Iphone 4 S, good combination with my macbook. Of course in white!
That means that I can finally go on Instagram, yes :)
2# My new jeans. I don't buy jeans a lot but New Yorker fits great on my figure!
3# New eyeshadow from M.A.C. gold/bronze color.

Did some more shopping but will show you that later  :)

PS: What do you guys think about this new way of presentation?
Still learning on my macbook. TIPS WILL BE APPRECIATED!


  1. the I phone works great, you will enjoy it so much!!
    Love the jeans!

  2. Nice buys- I want an I phone too so badly

  3. IPhones are definitely this generations victory. God, I can't even believe I was able to coordinate myself before having one. (Not sure whether that's good or bad, but I'm not complaining!)


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