Life in instagram

 Last weeks details! What are you looking at?!

1: Mojito strawberry favourite cocktail 2: Icecream 3: outfit to the beach 4: New nailpolish from ESSIE "lovie Dovie" 5: Mac Drive stop 6: Coozy time @ my desk 7: Me 8: @the beach 9: Us in the car driving to my hometown.

PS: I've had a little interview for Cheapflights

Check out this link!
Click here

Have a nice week! xx


  1. Mojito strawberry??!!! chissà che bontà.....

  2. lovely summer photos!

    LOVE BO,

  3. Wat een vrolijke, zonnige foto's allemaal!
    Oh en leuke blog :D
    Het mini-interview is ook leuk!

  4. I adore your looks and your blog! I'm happy to have found your blog via Sincerely Jules. I look forward to your next post. Congrats on your interview with CheapFlights! Next time you're on Facebook come and see out our new fashion app. We do something similar...


  5. Oh, all strawberry cocktails must be amongst my favorites :-D
    Lovely pictures, seems like a great summer week!



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