Travel in style: My picked items

Some of you already went on vacation, some of you not yet.
I 'm going next month and I am already selecting what to take with me on an airplane

Usually it is very cold in the plane. That why I always carry a pair of socks and a scarf (Cashmere preferred) in my bag: If you have big scarf you can also use it as a blanket!

Up in the air you can get a very dry skin. So it's very important to hydrate your skin.
It can use some extra care.
A moisturizing creme, lipbalm and oil for below the eyes is what I'm using.

And not to forget: wipes! Nice and refreshing.

You sit right between all screaming children? Been there done that!
Nothing better than a pair of earplugs. I need them anyway because in charge of the air pressure.
(Make sure you take them out when the stewardess comes by to take the orders)
If you want to sleep it's best to use a sleep-mask because then you fall asleep more quickly.

What to do when your flight takes hours..? When they play a boring movie? When you are flying all by yourself?
Make sure you have a few movies on your Ipad. Or maybe you like playing games?!
Just listen to music on the Ipod..mindless my favourite. And read a magazine at the same time.

Myself, I love to play Yahtzee with my fellow passenger. And not to forget: food/bites! :)

Do you have something to add? Love to hear about your traveling assentials!


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