Clean your make-up brushes

When you use your make-up bushes on a daily basis, its very important that you clean them.
This is how I do it!

First  you make a soapy water with babyshampoo (I go for Zwitsal) and put your brushes out onto a clean towel.

The blush and foundation-brush are from The Body shop, the big brush from Sephora. And 2 eyeshadow-brushes from Urban Decay and The Body shop.
First I clean them with a spray from sephora. I use this once a week.
Then I put the brushes into the soapy water.
My new brush from mac also needs to get cleaned.


  1. Precies zoals ik het ook doe ! Inclusief de Zwitsal. Haha.

  2. Heel leuk artikel zo doe ik het ook ;). En leuk om te zien welke kwasten je gebruikt. Xx

  3. Ik doe het op dezelfde manier, maar doe het echt veeeeeeels te weinig! Oeps!


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