ARGANIC Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil. I think now on this moment one of the biggest hypes in beautyland.
A natural product that comes from Morocco with a lot of promises. The Moroccan ladies use this for ages so it must be quit a treasure :) The oil comes from the argan tree. This tree is one of the oldest in the world and grows only in southwest Morocco. 
It's full of: vitamins, antioxidants and it even helps reduce scars.

I received this box from about a week ago.

 I am using the oil for a week now for my skin at night (after my facecreme) I can honestly tell you guys that I had no single spot on my face!(My skin was a bit irritated lately) It looks flawless and healthy. I think that I will keep using the oil for my face because if I will use it for my (big! :P) hair it will be finished in about 2 weeks.
It can also be used for your nails.. for the cuticles. I am very content with this argan oil.

Pure argan oil: €29,95 100ml
The glass bottle I've received (50ml) is not the same one that you will receive.
That will be a plastic bottle with 100ml. 
Become curious? I got a little extra for you beautyaddicts. If your want to order a product from the website: you will get 20% discount on every product!
Use this code: SM2BLOG (valid until 1jan. 2013)

I wonder what your experiences are with argan oil!?



  1. I was always curious about argan oil- it's so popular these days :)

  2. I bought last day oro fluido, do you know it ??

  3. Ik hou echt van Argan olie! Ik heb toen ik in marokko was een paar flesjes mee genomen en het is zo goed voor je huid :) leuke post! P.S. je staat in mijn nieuwste blogpost, ik hoop dat je het leuk vind.

    Liefs Bo

  4. Ik ben ook helemaal fan van arganolie. Zo fijn!

  5. Ik heb het net weer in mijn haar gesmeerd! Ik ben verslaafd


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