Dark green

My absoluut number one favorite trend color that I've been loving for years now is dark green.
It's the time of the year that you can put all the dark colors in your closet again. 
I love my dark green leather bag and leather jacket. look here! (click)
 And now my mom is making a cardigan from wool and (my favorite fabric) Alpaca for me! Now I only need a cashmere sweater.
 I combine the dark green with golden details, I love that. 
I'm not that in-to black so I can honestly say, for me: Dark green is the new black :)

Pullover: Gani, Leather jacket: Balmain, Jeans: Ralph Lauren, Leather bag: YSL, Fragrance: NARS, Rain boots: Pelican Too, Bracelet: Cartier, Eyeshadow pallet: NARS, Mascara: Shiseido 


  1. youve got a seal of approval from me.... indeed looooove the dark green and your picks here.....

  2. I've always had trouble wearing green, and black is like my safety blanket xD But you've totally inspired me!


  3. Mee eens! & love your dark green look !!


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