Pick your "5"

Which items would you pick, when you can only choose 5 make-up products that will fit in a small make-up bag. Items that u can absolutely not live without! The items you will bring if you stay over for the night at your best friends place after a party (all night long) and you want to look "good" the next day. 

Ok I am not going to count from 5 to 1.. but I can absolutely not live without these items. 
There are day's when I don't wear any make-up at all (only going out of the house counts!) But most of the time I want to put something on my face. The days when I only have 5 minutes left to fix my make-up. 
Bronzer.. specially now summer times are over.. :(
Powder to keep my face matt, or else my face gets shiny al trough the day.
Blush, I need that every day.. or else I feel so 'naked'. I like a natural blushes.
Long lashes to look 'awake' and a moisturizing gloss on the lips for the finishing touch!

What kind of make-up products would you pick for yourself?!

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  1. Great post! It really takes a lot of thought to narrow it down to 5 "can't live without" products (as least for those of us with large collections) and you've selected some great items! The Boots Coral Flush blush looks so pretty!

    I might have to do a blog post with the same tag- this is really a great idea :)




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