Shoplog (Amstelveen)

Last week I took a day off from work and went shopping in Amstelveen.
It has been a while since I went shopping ( crisis ;)) so I was very exited. So exited that I was finished in about one hour.. haha.. but I am very happy with my puraches. Let's take a look!

No clothes for me this time.. I needed some new beauty stuff :) well.. let's be honest.. "needed"
I was searching for a "nude/pink" coloured stipstick..and I really like MAC lipsticks.. so let me introduce you to my new crush: Modesty.
This Too Faced palette was on my wish-list for a while now.. so I thought it was time to buy it. As u all know I am really in-to natural  make-up. This palette called : Natural at night. But because I have a darker skin color it's like natural to me :)
The best make-up brushes In the world if u ask me! The Body Shop face and body brush.
The bushes from The Body Shop last for years!
My all-time favorite scent from The Body Shop: Moringa.. showergel, bodyscream,soap.. have it all.
Now they have this body mist.. You can spray it everywere .. in your hair.. on your close.. in the room.. on your body... I love it!
So functional a small pack of cotton pads..
It's been a while since I've went to Sabon.. This one is a present for a family member.. Lovely handcream :)
Allready doing some Christmas shopping.

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  1. super lekker is die handcreme!
    liefs, laila.

  2. Zo, je hebt wel wat aankopen gedaan, haha! Leuke dingen gekocht, vooral de lipstick vind ik erg mooi.

    Veel liefs,

  3. Hier zat ik op te wachten haha ;) Heerlijk geshopt zeg. Ik heb zelf ook het too faced palette, zo mooi!! Ben ook benieuwd naar de kwasten van The Body Shop. Heb voor NY twee oogschaduwkwasten gekocht daar maar moet ze nog even gaan testen. Grijp nu vooral terug naar mijn Inglot kwasten .. nog even switchen!

  4. Oh, I love MAC lipstick! They glide on like nothing--so smooth and creamy! That nude is beautiful!

  5. Prachtige aankopen meid! En die spiegel! Love it. Zelf zojuist de Sabon handremmen getest uit de Glossybox van November, heerlijk! Dat Too Faced Palette is inderdaad prachtig. Geniet er van!

  6. Jaaaa Moringa is zo lekker!
    Voor de rest ook echt super aankoopjes!
    Ben heel benieuwd naar de MAC lipstick

  7. Goodness, ik kan zeker wel wat beautylesjes van je gebruiken als ik je blog zo bekijk ;) Leuk!



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