Biodermal: Day creme (dry skin)

After experiencing the Biodermal P-CL-E fluide that made me so exited it was time to try an other product from Biodermal. This time a new day cream for a dry skin.

As u all know I have a normal to combination skin type.. but now the days are so cold my skin can use something extra

The cream is for the sensitive skin so the creme contains no perfume, alcohol or SPF.
 As you can see, the structure is very rich. In the winter your skin needs some extra care but you really need to have an very dry skin if you want to use the cream. 
When I put the cream on my face it pulls in to my skin quickly. It make's my skin soft and smooth.
For the ones who really has dry skin and want to use a good and budget-proof product I can recommend this. For my skin-type it's a bit to rich.

Price: €16,25

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