Boots Christmas Gift: The Garden Collection "Magnolia"

Still have to do some last-minute Christmas shopping?! Or still didn't finished your Christmas-wishlist? Boots introduces The Garden Collection. You can choose: Rose, Lavender and Magnolia. I got the last one.The smell is very sweet, I like the floral scent!

Hand Wash 75ml
Hand Lotion 75ml
Bath gel 300ml
Body Cream 250ml
Guest soap: 25g
Bath Crystal 50g
The products and the whole box has that luxurious eradiation. A perfect treat for us women if you ask me ;) It only costs €14,95 and thats not expensive if you realize that you get 6 different products for that price!
Bath Gel
Body Cream
Guest Soap and Bath Crystal
Hand Wash and Hand Lotion

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