Review: Sisley Paris "Hydra-Global"

Sisley's Hydra-Global Hydration Intense Anti-Aging
A hydrating formula that helps to restore the moisture balance of the skin for a fresh hydrated glowing skin. 
The cream is developed as a solution for dehydrated skin.
Just the bottle itself screams 'luxury'. Also the smell is very pleasant!
It's very fresh, natural, it smells a bit like clay.
The cream has a thin structure so it easily lubricates. It absorbs quickly.
 You feel immediately that the skin is nourished. My skin feels soft and smooth.
chestnut, lavender oil, marjoram oil, sage oil, malachite, sunflowers, malachiet, padina pavonica
Here you can see the structure of the cream.
After using it for a while now I can honestly say my skin looks fresh and healthy. 
Every time when I put it on my face (morning and evening) I think: Hmmmm! 
Ok, I dont have any wrinkles and I hope that will stay like this for a very long time..
But hey you know what they say.. better soon than late ;)

Sisley Paris Hydra-Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration  40ml  €166,-

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