Ask me anything: Answers!

I've selected 10 questions from you readers, here are the answers!

1:What are your favorite skincare and makeup products?
Chanel universal bronze, Clarins ever matte powder, Clarins Instant Light lip gloss, Kiehl's ultra facial cream, Mason Pearson's hair brush and pure Argan oil for my skin.

2: What are your favorite skincare-make-up brands?
Skincare:Kiehls, Clarins, Clinique, Pure argan oil. Make-up: Chanel, Sisley, Clarins, Guerlain, MAC.

3: What are my favorite citys to shop? (NL)
Definitely Amsterdam! My favorite area are the " Negen straatjes" Love the little boutiques out there.

4: What are your favorite shops to buy fashion and skincare?
Zara, Noa lifestyle, River Island.. I don't know I love to shop everywhere!
For skincare I love to shop at Skin Cosmetics.

5: Do you work or do a study and what?
I'm working (28 hours a week) at the municipality of Amsterdam and most of my other time goes to blogging!
I have a degree in Fashion.

6:Are you a model and how tall are you?
I have done modeling for years (15year-till-22) I am 1.78

7: Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get it from everywhere! The streets, magazines, blogs, friends, movies.

8: What is your favorite accessorize? 
Definitely a BAG! Can't live without it. And on the second place a classic watch.

9: Which county's you would like to go to?
My absolute number one is New York! And I would also like to go to Bali, South Afrika, ohh many places..
My idea for this year is going for a shopping trip to Paris all by myself! I have been there twice but such a long time a go. And I think it would be a great exciting experience to go all by myself. Never done something like that. So I think about that..

10: What do you use to take your pictures and how do you edit them?
I use my SLR Canon 1100D. My Baby. I edit the photo's in Adobe Photoshop. I get lot's of compliments about my pictures and I love to hear that. Because it took me for years to shot pictures the way they turn out now. Looking a lot at other pictures, playing with lights, backgrounds, watching movies how-to, reading books/blogs. 
PS I would love to take a photographing and photoshop class! I might do that sometimes.

If you still have a question you can always send me an e-mail!


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  1. Leuk om te lezen! Ik wil ook weer heel erg graag naar Parijs. Zo'n leuke stad!

  2. Leuk om te lezen. Parijs alleen, waarom ook niet? Wat eigenlijk een goed idee! Waarom zouden we wachten tot er iemand mee kan. En de Canon 1100d, ik heb ook zo'n grote liefde thuis. Moet alleen nog goed leren om de instellingen (iso etc) in te stellen. Een cursus is zo gek nog niet!

  3. Hele leuke antwoorden! Ik zou ook wel graag een shopping weekje Parijs of New York doen dit jaar :).

    LOVE BO,

  4. Leuk artikel ben weer wat wijzer geworden haha;) Ben ook dol op de 9straatjes in Amsterdam.

  5. Leuk zeg! En leuk dat je ook modellen werk hebt gedaan.
    Parijs.. daar wil ik mijn study abroad doen!



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