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I get more and more personal questions and e-mails from you readers.  Were to shop, which skincare works the best for what skin-type, what I do for a living, tips for a make-over, were I get my inspiration from?
So I thought, maybe it's time to do an "Ask me anything" 

My favorite food, favorite magazines.. 
ASK me anything! I will select the questions and create a blogpost for it.

You can write down the questions at the comments or e-mail me at:

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  1. Super leuk om een ask me anything te doen!;)
    Mijn vragen zijn:
    - Wat zijn je favoriete make-up, skincare en fashion merken?
    - In welke Nederlandse steden shop je het liefste?
    - Naar welke landen/steden zou je graag nog een keer heen willen?


  2. what are you doing? do you study or do you work? and what?


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