Homemade: Herb butter

So easy to make, so delicious to eat!
The first day of Christmas my sister was cooking for hours in the kitchen. I am not the best cook 
but I decided to create something simple. Herb! To put on toast, baguettes or to put on meat (steak)
I love herb butter on some bread that just comes out on the oven. Yumm!

Butter, Chive, Garlic (gosh I love that and always put too much in it!) and Provencal herbs.
You can also add a bit lemon juice. Just a few drops.

Bon Appetit!

PS I love the way the photo turned out, I've made this one myself! :)

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  1. Ziet er lekker uit! En de foto is inderdaad heel mooi! Liefs

  2. Jammie!!! Mijn moeder maakt het ook altijd zelf en het is inderdaad zoveel lekkerder. Mooie foto ook!

    Love Bo,

  3. So interesting blog, dear!!!

    Just found you on Lookbook! No doubt following you since now!
    Would be glad to see you also in my blog one day!

    Una chica fashiontastica

  4. my dear you look gorgeous and you have an amazing blog,
    adorable post thanks for the tip,
    kisses from,


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