Orofluido: Shampoo and conditioner

Meet my new beauty crush: Orofluido! I've got the shampoo and the conditioner.

The products contains three different oils: Argan oil, Cypress oil and linseed oil. The oils will make sure that you hair repairs, improves and shines. It has a very pleasant scent for sure! It smells like amber/vanilla.
The shampoo makes sure your hair gets cleaned in a mild method. After that it will be breezy and shiny. The conditioner is for after cleansing and you put this in your hair for 2-3 minutes. After that your hair will be very smooth and shiny.
I am very excited about the products. My hair gets so soft after this and it smells so delicious!
It's for all hair types but It think if you have greasy hair I would not prefer this.
Now I'm think about buying the elixir from Orofluido. Have you guys have experience with that?

Orofluido available at beautywebshop John Beerens.
Shampoo €10,53 for 200ml, Conditioner €10,53 for 200ml

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