How to survive winter...


It feels like there comes no end to it.. and I absolutely hate it: Winter. I really can't understand people who seriously like it. Rainy days, snow, sober, cold, dark early.
 No...Spring and summer, that gives me positive energy! I can give you an endless list about what I love about that.. but here a few nice things how to survive the last few winter months ;) 

And specially scented candles! It's so cozy and after a long day coming home, it makes me relax. This one is from Ikea. It screams winter!
 My mom has made this cake and it was so delicious...
Ok reading at the beach is so much more fun. But at home in a chair with.. (read the next one)

 A cup of tea
I drink soooo much tea these months.. It can't be good, so much. But I really love it! And when It's cold it makes you feel warm again. Confession: Sometimes I drink my tea under the shower to warm up from the inside and outside. Believe me it's so relax!
Let's stay in! And what better to do than watch all of your favorite movies?! Ask your BF to join you and don't forget the popcorn ladies.
Life is like a box of.... That's right! The sun is far away so the only place were it can melt is in your mouth ;) I've bought this cute luxurious box a couple of weeks ago.. and I love it!

Rich body butter, Uggs, Electric blanket/pillow in bed.. OK I think this is it for me girls!

How do you survive the winter?

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  1. Inderdaad zo overleef ik het wel! Met een warm bad!

  2. Zo overleef ik de winter ook! De cake ziet er heerlijk uit :) Liefs

  3. Hopelijk is de winter gauw voorbij, maar dit maakt het inderdaad een stuk verdragelijker :)

  4. Hele leuke post! Als het wat kouder is drink ik ook heel graag veel thee en eet ik ook heel graag chocolade. Misschien iets te veel ;) haha.

  5. Super tips! Thee, chocolade, kaarjes en een tijdschrift zijn de perfecte combi hihi :)

    LOVE BO,


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