Life in Instagram

A few snapshots from last week!
 How I spend sunday... watching movies all day long with popcorn!

 I've bought a few things at Primark
 Details from one look last week
 Ohh I've enjoyed this baguette that I've created with lots of ingredients on it :)
 I've ordered more Orofluido products for my hair
Yummmy! Dinner at Shabu Shabu :)
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  1. Leuke foto's; ik heb nu zo'n zin in sushi jammie.

    Love Bo,

  2. Dat broodje ziet er zo lekker uit. Mmmmm! Enne, sushi is altijd goed! Heerlijk hoor!

  3. Leuke foto's, boeiend leven!

  4. Dat stokbroodje ziet er niet verkeerd uit! Lekker zeg


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