You all know that I love bronzing powders. Let's say I collect them  ;) They look so pretty, specially on the face. There are many ways to bronze and contour your face. The last few months I've been using more matt powders. Now that the new season is coming it's time for a sunkissed glow. I would go for a bronzer with golden shimmers.

Sisley L'Orchidée, my ultimate favourite for the next season! OK its more blush than bronzer. But above my bronzer I always use a blusher. And sometimes a highlighter too.

I selected a tutorial were a girl (lauren) tells you exact how to put it on. She takes here time and explanes it very good if you ask me. So get your bronzer, blush and highlighter.. and get yourself a drink and watch. Oh and don't forget the brush and mirror ;)

Have fun you ladies! XO

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