Budget beauty: Hema nail polish

I thought it would be fun to do a "budget beauty" once in a while! I like luxurious brand but cheaper brands also have a lot to offer. Beauty products what I like, would buy again or just wanted to share with you guys :) This time: Hema nail polish.

I've bought this cute nail polish last summer when I was not really searching for something but I just ran in to it. I have a lot of pink colored nail polishes but this one is different. It is pink but it's more Coral (on the picture's it looks more pink than in real life. It's a special color that is perfect for the summer. It stands out! It makes me happy looking at it.
When your buying a Chanel nail polish you have to think twice if you have at least 10 different nail polishes that are pink. But this one was so cheap. And I wear it a lot!
The quality is to be honest not as good as the Hema longlasting nail polish. That stays on for a week. This one stays on for one or two days..Good enaugh for a day at the beach!
Price €2.25

Have you tried nail polish from Hema yet?
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