Let's try: Hannah

I was curious for a while now about the Hannah products. I've heard people who were lyric about Hannah. People with problems with their skin but also people with normal skin. 
I received a package with a few products to try out from the webshop: www.hethannahhuis.nl

 In the package I also received this cute bracelet (made from a saved girl from Nepal) by Stop child abuse.
I've tried the 24-hour skin balancing for a week (and now it's empty haha) And I really love it! The Juvi Protect is more for the spring/summer and the touch of silk is more like a primer structure.

24-hour Skin Balancing 10ml 9,00
Touch of Silk 10ml 17,00
Juvi Protect  10ml 11,00

Are you familiar with the Hannah products?

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  1. Ik kende dit merk niet, maar het klinkt goed :)!!

    LOVE BO,


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