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Hi there! A new "life in Instagram"for you guys :)

 Uploading photo's on my macbook. Got news for you guys btw I got a new computer! Will tell you more about that soon.
 My favourite eyeshadow palettes for a natural everyday look.
 After three years still my favourite accessory that I wear EVERYDAY! It's funny now you see everyone with his watch. Three years ago no-one had this watch. It was the new collection and no it still is!?! I would love to have it in rose gold to.
 Different curls than you normally see on me! Took me like two hours with a few tools (first straight it than put the curls in it. But hey, looks kind of nice dough?  Every tool I use for my hair if from BrAun btw.. they work for years!
 Yummy! I ate this delicious chicken sandwich in my lunch-break (outside) from work. The juice was good too!

Fresh flowers and a new magazine for some inspiration.

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