Personal: Top three list

I would love to share my favourites with you guys!

Three things in my bag:
1: Iphone
2: Make-up
3: Glasses
Three things on my desk:
1: Laptop
2: Notebook
3: Tea
Three  favourite make-up products:
1: Urban Decay "Naked palette"
2:Sisley's L'orchidee blush
3: Guerlain terracotta bronzer

Three favourite facecare products:
1: Kiehl's "Ultra Facial Cream"
2: Kiehl's "Midnight Recovery Concentrate"
3: Clinique "All about eyes rich"

Three favourite clothes:
1: Vila blouse (powder)
2:Aaiko blouse (white)
3:LTB jeans

Three  favourite fruits:
1: Watermelon
2: Pineapple
3: Strawberries

Three favourite songs at the moment:
1: Chris Brown  "Party hard"
2:Rihanna "Diamonts"
3: Trey Songz " Forever yours"

Three favourite blogs:

Three things I love about spring:
1: The SUN ofcourse!
2: Icecream
3: nice outfits

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  1. Those are my favorite fruits too! nice to know a little more about you <3


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