Shoplog: Kiehl's

 My one and only for the last few years now. You all know I am truly addicted to this product. Sometimes for my blog I try other face creams.. but I always end up with this one.
When my skin is of balance because of using to much different stuff.. I grab this one and my skin is always getting better within two days. And it doesn't matter which season. It always give's me enough nutrition.
€24,- (50ml) €50,- (125ml)

Well.. another holy grail if u ask me! Made in heaven and also in my assortment for a few years now. It's a 99,8% natural oil/serum that u on your skin before going to sleep. The next day, your skin has the best natural glow and looks so healthy and fresh. You need only three drops every time you use it. Some people say you can use it every day, some say you shouldn't because it's so high concentrated. I prefer you use it about three times a week. The product contains oils like lavender and roseoil.
€39,- (30ml) €55,- (50ml)

This is a product that I haven't tried before. I recycled 5 empty products at the Kiehl's store so I could choose 1 new product. So I went for this one!  

€9,50 (75ml) €18,- (250ml)

Because of the recycling of the five products I should also get a free new lipbalm. They were sold out (I did'nt care because I didn't want a new one) instead I got a luxury sample form the midnight recovery. It's a smaller version but also in a bottle from glass and it's perfect for taking with me on a holiday or going to a hotel/friends/fam :) And of course samples. They always give you about 3 samples when you visit the store.

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