Life in instagram

For the ones who don't follow me or don't have Instagram on their phone, A sneek peek about what I've been up to!

1: My sister has made this delicious smoothie for me with raspberries and bananas!
2: What do you think about my bubblebraid? How fun is this. Perfect look for the beach ;)
3: This icecream! Yummy and worth the picture for sure.
4: Inspiration
5: Debora Lippmann finely! The one and only store that sells it in Holland (and only in Groningen) is Skins cosmetics. Probable my favourite beauty store in Holland.
A nail polish from Deborah Lippmann was on my wishlist for a long time. I came home with beautiful nail polish. I've showed that one on instagram but there is going to be an article posted online this week about it so for the ones that didn't see it yet it's going to be a surprise ;)
6: Me and my sister both bought a few products at Skins. Always such a nice salesladies over their and they really know were they talk about! They also have a room for pedicure. So my sister and I are thinking about planning that soon.
7: Lazy sunday? No not for me! All these products need to get photographed and reviewed.
8: I've visit a lot of press-day's last weeks. This goodiebag is form FUSE.
9: Strike! It was my sisters birthday last Saturday so we went eating and bowling. It was so much fun!
10: Me and my best friend went for drinks! Always our favorite cocktail: Strawberry Mojito.
11: Me loving the sun so much :)
12: Moroccanoil, I am a true addict!

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