Pupa Desert Bronzing Powder Kit

I can hear you guys think: "Oh no not another bronzer?!" YES this beauty from Pupa that I have received convinced me immediately. The perfect colour for the summer for my skin. I do have a lot of bronzer but there are a lot that I use in the winter. My skin colour is wayyyy more lighter than in the summer. I get tanned very quick! And this bronzer from Pupa from Pupa will totally get my face that sunkissed glow.

The bronzer exists in to shaded: 05- Light sun matt and 06- Cacoa matt (this is the one I have)
As you can see it's a big box! I think this beauty will last for a long time. The bronzer is also very pigmented and that is very important for me.
This beauty came in the kit too! The size is perfect and definitely for travelling! But I have to be honest with you.. the hair from this brush comes out very quickly. At least 10 peaces every time I use it. That would be a reason for me to not use it and grab an other brush.

This is the kit! You can find this at webshops or counters that represent Pupa.

Price: € 23,39 www.pupa.nl

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