What do I use for my hair?! (products, tools, rituals and more..)

I get lots of questions from you girls about my hair. So I thought it would be fun to share some information with you :)



The tool that I use the most ( everyday) is the BrAun Satin Hair blow dryer. The Curl iron and straighter are also from BrAun. The hair brush that I use is from Mason Pearson. I never brush my hair when it's dry! Then all the curls get frizzy and messed up. I only brush my hair while washing it in the shower.

( Photo) Curls by the curling iron.


 The next products are my favorite and most used ones. I almost only use products that you can find at the hairdresser. Kerastase always works for me. Almost every product I've ever used. I picked two products from Kerastase. The Resistance bain (age recharge) It smells so fresh and calms my scalp. The Elixir Ultime is a product that I use for years and I keep buying it. Your hair gets soft and very shiny.
My hair is addicted to elixirs.. my hair needs it a lot. So the next product is the beauty elixir from Orofluido. I'm using this for a few months now and it's so good for my hair! Smells like heaven!
The Aveda "be curly curl controller" is one of my latest additions and its a miracle! When I put this in my hair after taking a shower and before blow drying it really makes my hair in the perfect shape. The curls are very long and shiny. The smell is not that nice btw. 
I thing that I will never stop using Moroccanoil. It's the best guys! There is a big hype around this but I understand why. I use the Oil treatment and the hair mask. Most people keep the mask in their hair for 10 minutes.. I sleep with the mask in my hair. The next day I wash it out.. and its so soft and healthy!! There is a light version for people with normal hair
The last products are also new(for me) but I'm addicted already! The Pureology Essential repair shampoo and leave in (ok the conditioner is also included but I just show 2 product) It really works for my hair.


How much do you wash your hair?
I wash my hair every single day. (sometimes twice a day when I shower again)
I know that the advice is to wash the hair 3 times a week but if I don't wash my hair everyday my hair is a mess and my scalp get's irritated. And I just love fresh hair :)

How much are you going to the hairdresser?
Well.. like never? I do go ones a year to straight (permanent) my hair but I cut my hair myself. Ever since I was 12 so I'm very good at it now. Haha no not to spare money, I just know what I want! 

Did you dyed your hair?
Yes, my original haircolor is black.

Are the curls your original curls?
Yes! Well, I do straight my hair once a year at the hairdresser so it's not that frizzy. But it never gets totally straight.

How do you get your curls like that?
I mix like 5 different products in my hair. Than I blow dry my hair. It takes a lot of practising to learn what works best for you.

How you like to vary your hairstyles?
When I don't have much time for my hair (3min?!) I like a braid or a bun.

Sometimes you straight or curl your hair with a tool. How long takes that?
Like forever! Straightening my hair takes 1,5 hour. And when I also want to put curls in it , it takes an extra hour.. so 2,5 hours. That why I only do this once in a while (2/3 months)

Well I hope you are well informed, if you still have any questions apply a comment!

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  1. Super leuk en handig artikel!:D
    Je haar is echt prachtig.

  2. Handig artikel! Mooie krullen heb je <3 Bij mij duurt het ook super lang om mijn haren te stijlen haha.

  3. Wat een leuk artikel! En erg mooie producten!


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