Dermalogica "Daily Microfoliant"

 My absolute "Holy Grail"!! I've tried this product now for the last couple of months. It's empty now.. so let me tell you about my experience!

The daily microfoliant. One of the most beloved products from Dermalogica.
The product that comes out of the battle is like rice powder. When you apply a small amount of water it becomes like the picture down here. You apply this mild scrub all over your face.
You can use this on a daily basis that's what I like about it.

Well, I have to admit. This stuff is serious! It makes  my skin glow!
Too bad this little box is empty ( I did use this every single day) but I will definitely buy the full-size.
The price of the full size is: €66. It's not that cheap but it's really worth it and will last for a long time because the full-size box contains 75mg.

Have you tried this product from Dermalogica yet?

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