Event The Body Shop: High tea and new products "Brazil nut"

 Over a week ago I was invited to a bloggers event from The Body Shop. 
They told us there would be an high tea, a guest from Peru and new products being launched.
 Take a look at the report!
With a selected group of bloggers and beauty editors we sat down for the high tea. 
As you can see in the first picture it was yummy! Fruit, sandwiches, chocolate and more...
 This is the guest from Peru called "Gaston Kennedy. He is the community fair trade supplier from the body shop.
 He was telling us all about how the products being made and specially how the ingredients were used.
 Over 18 million of these nuts were used just for The Body Shop. He was showing us 
pictures from the people who cranked the nuts etc.
It was so interesting to get this information and he was so kind!
This is the famous "Brazil nut" This nut is growing deep inside the rain forests from Peru in the Amazon region. Talking about natural beauty ;)
 The Body Shop had such a nice surprise for us: cruising on a boat trough Amsterdam.
It was so much fun!

These are the products I've received afterwords! I am definitely reviewing most of them seperately. Oh and BTW "Honey Bronze' is a different line but I received that cute lip balm.
The products will be in stores from May 13. 

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