New in: Moroccanoil "Glimmer Shine"

Another family member that can join the club :)
I love Moroccanoil that's for sure! I've told you guys before that I was curious about the glimmer shine spray. So I've placed a new order at As usual the next day the product arrived at home.
The same as the oil, this product smells lovely. I can't get sick of it. I love to smell this the whole day.
It gives my hair such a beautiful shine and the product also protects the hair from the sun.
For people who don't have dry hair like me I would recommend only spray this in the tops of the hair.
It's kinda oily but I need that. 

I really need to take a step back with the oil treatment though.. I only have that product for two 
months now but its half empty..I guess I love it to much :)

Price: € 24,90
Available at :

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  1. ahhh i need this!


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