Sun protection

The first sunbeams! They are a fact. 
You don't always notice but the radiation is very strong these days. So it's very
important that you take good care of your skin and hair.
A few days ago I sat down in the garden to relax and I thought it would be fun to share
my favorite products.

1: Let's start with the cleaning wipes (in the back) from Hema. Nice to refresh yourself.
2: My new addiction from Biodermal  SPF 50 face cream , 3: Chanel Les beiges powder with SPF 15.
4: Morrocanoil spray that protects the hair from the sun, 5:Yves Rocher Monoï I love this! The oil and spray.
 6: From Redken something new. A argan oil also for the hair. Not with a protection but I like oil in my hair so it doesn't get dry.
7: Top tanning sun protecting milk SPF 20 (bought in Ibiza) with the 8: After-sun Milk (also from Ibiza).

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  1. Wat handig! Die Morrocan oil spray lijkt me erg fijn :)

  2. Ik heb er nooit bij stil gestaan om mijn haar te beschermen tegen de zon. Slim!


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