Life in Instagram

The last few weeks has been extremely busy for me, but to keep you guys a bit updated a new "My life in Instagram"
Have a nice week!!!

1: One of my best friends came to Amsterdam to relax and have a bite together after work.
2: Sailing! 3: The future is everything.
4: The best muffins ever... ( the last week I had one every day :$) 5: Setitng for blogging.
6: My favo nailpolish this summer!
7: Oh-no-I-did'nt! Magical cleanser from La Mer ( with discount at work)
8: The best icectream of the year. (@Scheveningen) 9: Selfie
10: My new bag! 11: Yummm I love macarons :)  12: look of the day
13: A day at the beach 14: Received products from The Body Shop. 15: Lovely salade at the beach in the sun.

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