The product that saved my skin: La Roche-Posay "Effaclar Duo"

This product right here... IS THE BEST EVER! It saved my skin so much. I would almost call this a miracle. OK, my skin was not extremely out of balance but I did had a few blemishes always..
When my skin was clear, it only was for one of two days. And ever since I use this serum (for 3 months almost now) my skin is flaweless! I only get like one blemish ones a month. Really? Yes I couldn't believe it also.
I have read so much about this product on the internet worldwide by bloggers and models who had some skin problems that are gone now. My holy grail and I hope it will work for ever! 

This is a serum that you put underneath your day or nightcream. You can use this one or twice a day.
I started with twice and now only ones a day.
The first month I thought: "I am just lucky" but it's really working. And it's so very cheap when you compare this with other serums and creams. €14,99.

Because I was so extremely enthusiastic all my friends and family is using this stuff right now.  Nobody said it didn't work.

Have you tried it? And what was your experience? When you go and try it I would love to hear if its works the same for you to!

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  1. I use this one too! Het werkt echt goed en is fijn voor zowel een vettige als droge huid! xx

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    1. Jammer, dat is niet bedoeling. Heb het product niet gekregen maar zelf gekocht en ben gewoon enthousiast! ;)


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