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First of all: Sorry for the bad updating.. It's been a very busy time for me last few months.
New job, new appartment.. but loving it all :) But less time for me..and me=my blog.
So I do my best to update more!  Now it's time for a new "Life in Instagram"

1: Me and my new book SPOTLIGHT. From a dear friend and I'm about to reed it and than put the review about it online! 2: September has started.3: Eating fruit on the doorstep at work in the sun.
4: There is a Topshop in Holland now! I went with my roommate (who works there) It's in The Bijenkorf Amsterdam.5: It was my birthday!! had a bless with people who care :)Friends and family 6: A new productline from The Body Shop .. love it! 7: My new Clarins products ( I got this for my birthday at work!) 8: My first ride on my bike in Amsterdam ( after living there for a few years now haha. 9:The best breakfast ever. 10: My look of a random day at home (Groningen) 11: Vogue Fashion Night Out! 12: La Prairie products I've received also for my birthday from work

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