December Wishes

December is on his way!  The most cozy month of the year. This year has gone so fast ...
It's been a while since the last wishlist so this is the last one for 2013 ;)

1: THE Chanel bag.. hello do I need to say more?! 2: And this Chanel eyeshadow palette called "Charme" a beauty for the eye ;) 3: I am not a big fan of the Chanel n05 parfume but this bodylotion...
4: This fake-furr vest.. I need this in my life. 5: New nail polishes from Dior! 6: Dior creme de rose. OK I have one like this but I keep buying these like crazy.
7: A dark green hat! 8: New trend: Cut out boots.. like?! 9: I've experienced a lot of cremes last year but I kind a miss this all-time favo.
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