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What was I up to the last week?!
1:A cold day with lots of sun! 2 Done some shopping, I've heard such a great things about this magical soap from Gamila Secret. Review comming soon :) 3: HMMMMM macaron time.

4: I need this in my life! The new Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette. 5: Selfie with macarons. 6: Really? really! Sundaynight, bubblebath, a new season of Awkward and wine :) Anddd ofcourse the best luxurious beautyproducts.
7: A delicious cupcake 8: New Moroccanoil products! LOVE it. 9:Another selfie in the city, my hometown Groningen! I had a long weekend at my parents. I saw my family and friends.
10: Me and a friend has made the best buritto's!  11: I am in DESPERED need of the body line from Moroccanoil. Not yet in Holland :( 12: My new Tablet! Finally got myself one.
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  1. OMG die bubblebath!! I love it
    Zou elke dag een bad kunnen nemen ^_^
    Wegens tijd en omstandigheden vaak toch wel douche :P


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