Gamila Secret Wild Rose cleansing bar

I recently descovered this cleansing bar that I'm now totally osbessed about! I love it! Since I've been using this cleansing bar twice a day for the last couple of weeks now I can seriously tell the difference on my skin. In the beginning you need to habituate to the product. It can feel a bit tight after cleansing but you will get used to that.



Gamila Secret is suitable for your daily cleansing and care of your face, hands and body. All Gamila Secret variants make your skin younger, healthier and suppler, even for people with skin problems. 
When used daily, this natural cleansing bar will ensure your skin to stay in balance and continue to heal itself.

Before using Gamila Secret, first moist the bar with some water so the living, natural ingredients are released. For a maximum cleaning and nourishing effect, allow the Gamila Secret emulsion to soak in for a minute before rinsing off your body. In the meantime, softly massage the emulsion into your skin.

Suitable for normal to dry and combination skin. Strengthens and restores the skin’s collagen synthesis balance. Supports the natural defense mechanism of the skin through the high concentration of vitamin C. Prevents premature aging. Revitalizes and evens the skin tone.


Beneficial effects: cleanses, detoxifies, stimulates microcirculation, protects, softens and anti aging.
Price:€  30,95 Available at Skin Cosmetics and Douglas.

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