New in: Zoe Karssen

Yay, Happy me! As you all know, I am a big fan of the Zoe Karssen T-shirts.
Last year I've bought a couple of shirts and a sweater on a sample sale. No idea that they would be probable the most commonly worn clothes of the year. Specially in summer. The T-shirts feels like a second skin. I love them.
Well, there was a sample sale again so happy me! I had three items on my wishlist.
 The four items I've bought eventually.
 This was on my wishlist for a while now! They did'nt had this shirt last year so I was very glad to find this pece.
 This was the most wanted one for this year. Crème de la crème....
 I ran in-to this one spontaneously. B-A-D.
The lovely sweatpants! I LOVEEEEE this one. Last year I did'nt bought it and I did regret that so much. There was just one there, lying on a table in a size small :D
I/m not the only one with a preference for Zoe's shirts. Celebs like Rachel Bilson, Emma Roberts, Beyonce, Ciara, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bulloc and many more.
What do you think about the Zoe karssen clothing? And did you went to the sample sale?
Have a nice day everyone!
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