Review Bourjois Happy Light foundation

This time I am testing a foundation. The Bourjois Happy Light foundation!
It's not always that easy to find the right color for my skintone. Nowadays  almost every brand has a foundation for the dark(er) skin, but just a few years  ago it was not the case. You really have to search for the right brands. Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. were the first ones with so many different colors. Bourjois has many different kind of foundations this one for instance.
The Promise:
 A beautiful glow brightens the face, without a hint of a blemish. Amazingly natural, the complexion is even, velvety, luminous and flawless.

The ultra-fine and soft powders contained in the formula have been specially chosen for their softness and velvety feel. The texture of Happy Light is supple and so melting that is fuses with the skin, up to 16 hour hold.
The Happy Light foundation excist in 6 colors:
51 Vanille Rosee, 52 Beige Clair, 53 Beige Dore, 54 Beige, 55 Beige Rosé and 58 Hale Ensoleille.
I went for the 55 Beige Rosé
As you can see in the picture the happy light foundation is very natural on the skin. When I apply the product on the skin it feels so soft and moisturizing. It really matches my skin tone.

This is the way the foundation comes out of the bottle.
And then when you lubricate the foundation it looks like this.

My Conclusion? I love this foundation on my skin! My face won't get shiny during the day and it lasts for hours! I am very pleased and can really recommend this product.

They exists in 6 colors  and the price is €15,50

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