Chanel 2.55, the obsession.

That I'm big sucker for gorgeous bags that's not a secret.  But ohh my.. this obsession about the Chanel 2.55 gets extremer day by day. On my wishlist for over ten years now. But when I really seriously want this bag.. I just need to save money for it. I called with the Chanel boutique the other day to get an indication of the prices. Sweeeet lord. And that's the big problem haha. Saving money? Not really my thing unfortunately .And for how long will that be? So.. am I really doing this? I girl need this in her life right?!
One of my favorite fashionbloggers Jules rocking the classic bag with such a simple outfit.
What do you ladies think?! Did you ever safe money yourself for a designer bag? A few years a go I've bought a Louis Vuitton speedy after a modelling assignment. But is also wasn't thattttt expensive like the Chanel ones. 
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