Ray-ban Aviator Mirror

  I am so happy with my new Ray-Ban Aviator mirror sunnies!! You can't get around this trend you see this one everywhere. You can wear this in winter but definitely in spring and summer!

I found mine at Fuva.nl I ordered my Ray-Ban Aviator there because you definitely get the best price there!
Normally you pay like € 149,- for this model. I got mine at fuva.nl for 115,- You can order a different Aviator model  from €110,-
You see everyone with the blue one (which I also love!!) but I decided to go for this one.
I must honestly say.. In the picture it looked more turquois than really green so you have to think about that. In the first picture I've made you can see the turquois but when you wear it it's actually green. The order came in the next day with everything included. The case etc.
What I specially liked on the website is that you can chat. So when you have question it can be answered right away. Service!

What do you think about the Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror?

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  1. Wat super leuk! Deze kleur zal je ook goed staan; bij mij staat de mirror Ray-Ban nog
    op de wishlist hihi.


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