Tattoo ( sneak peek)

Yeahh!!! Finally got my tattoo. Wanted this one for ages.. :)
 Amor fati is a Latin phrase loosely translating to "love of fate" or "love of one's fate". It is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good. Moreover, it is characterized by an acceptance of the events or situations that occur in one's life.
It's my first tattoo and it's healing now.. A better photo will come soon! What do you foxes think?!
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  1. Zo mooi!!! Ik ben sowieso gek op teksten. Wil zelf ook nog steeds, maar vind het zo lastig om het "lettertype" te kiezen. Deze is mooi!

  2. gorgeous! love the font and the position!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  3. woww supermooi!! ook de plaats waar de tattoo is is zo mooi


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