Yves Rocher "Tradition de Hammam"

 Creating my own little mediterranean spa at home! I love to spend a long time in the bathroom that's not a secret. This time I treated myself on the Tradition de Hammam from Yves Rocher. I love it!

Oriental Shower Milk
 Discover all the nourishing benefits of argan oil from Morocco, combined with the relaxing power of orange blossom essential oil in this Oriental Shower Milk. In the shower, its milky texture envelops you in a silky veil as it releases its soothing scent..: Its formula contains over 98% botanical-based ingredients. .Paraben free.
"I have to get used to this fragrance that's in it. I think I like the shower oil more (I reviewed that a while ago."
Oriental Massage Elixir Essential Organic Rose Oil
The nourishing Organic Argan Oil and the relaxing organic rose essential oil of Oriental Massage Elixir intensely nourish your skin. Its subtle fragrance stays with you all day long.
The Plus : An amber-coloured, textured massage oil ideal for a long body massage.
Enriched with organic rose essential oil, it releases on your skin its treasures of beauty and softness.
"This is my favorite!! Love this stuff. Smell's so good and works so good for my skin"
 Oriental Velvety Skin Scrub
Oriental Scrub combines organic Argan oil with the softness of Moroccan clay and the intense exfoliating power of Argan kernel powder. Rinse thoroughly after the massage: your skin is irresistibly soft and resourced.
The Plus: A heady, gourmand scent of sunkissed fruit, with rose and sugary notes. Argan kernel powder for an intense exfoliation.
" I love the coarse grain!"
 € 22,90
 Nourishing Argan Balm with Organic Essential Oil of Orange Blossom
Subtly scented Nourishing Argan Balm combines organic nourishing Argan oil and relaxing organic orange blossom essential oil.
Your skin recovers its softness and irresistible velvety feel.
The Plus : An extremely melting, creamy whipped texture.
Key botanicals: Organic argan oil, essential oil orange blossom, Rose water, Shea butter, olive
"This smells so fresh. But when you have a very dry skin I wouldn't recommend this because it's more like a lotion."  
€ 22,90
Moroccan Clay Mask for Face And Hair
The Moroccan clay mask with organic argan oil has purifying and softening properties. Your face is cleansed and smooth, with renewed radiance. Your hair is softer and visibly healthier looking.
The Plus : The combination of purifying Moroccan clay with nourishing argan oil produces a very gentle, efficient treatment.
"I've only used this for my face because my hair is a thing apart. I really like it! Feels very clean afterwards."
€ 17,90
Yves Rocher always has good deals. Very much often they offer 50% off. Have you tried this yet?

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