Dermalogica After Sun Repair (+Winactie!)

 Spring truly has arrived an the sun in showing his pretty face more often. Trying to get in touch with every single sun beam. Spending more and more time on terraces with friends which I love! But that can be very tricky to. The first sun beams are always the strongest and your skin isn't used to the sun yet. So it's important to always wear an SPF. Specially now the next season has arrived.
Protecting is not the only part of treating your skin right. When your skin has exposed to the sun you need to give your skin some time to relax and get the change to recover. This product from Dermalogica works very well for that! Specially because it's sort of a balm that's very light-weighted. I love Dermalogica, its one of my favorite brands.
A cooling treatment balm to help remedy damage from exposure to UV sunlight. Lightweight gel helps calm skin and reduce irritation induced by sunburn.


Provides instant comfort and naturally reduces the pain associated with overexposure.
Makes a soothing post-waxing balm that cools and helps minimize redness.
Moisturizes the skin to help shorten recovery time while calming extracts soothe and refresh.

how to use

Apply a generous amount over previously sun-exposed areas of the face and body. Keep product away from the eyes. Repeat application on sensitized areas, as necessary, for maximum skin comfort.


quick tip

Use after waxing to cool and help minimize redness.
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