Life in Instagram

Life in Instagram!
1: Thank you Chanel!! :D Coco Mademoiselle foam bath 2: Sisters time! 3: Spring.. my favorite season of the year.
4: This picture is not mine.. but I LOVE it...such a cute icepops 5: Outfit of the day 6: New notebook from Supertrash
7: Outfit 8: Finally my new closet! Still in love with that glitterdress. 9: Pie! Yummmm
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  1. Leuke foto's! Mademoiselle is echt mijn all time favoriete geur!

  2. Super leuk die glitter dress! En oehlala CHANEL badproducten <3 Heerlijk!

  3. Leuke foto met je zus! Vrolijk overzichtje


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