The Body Shop: Pink hair chalk

 A big hype in beautyworld, coloured hair for a day. Rater it's pink, purple of blue. It's fun specially this spring and summer season coming up. First I trough.. It would only be cool if you have blond hair. On blond hair it looks so cute and elegant. But... a short while ago I've went to a event were The Body Shop had a stand and the hair and make-up artist puts this in my hair.Surprisingly awesome!
So yeah, why not!? Pink-Hair-Don't-Care.
 I can see myself rocking this pink hair with a cute pink bikini on the beach. I also have the blue one but I'm daring that yet to be honest..
Let me know what you think! Have you ever tried something like this?


The Body Shop: € 9,00
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  1. Super leuk, dat roze staat je heel vrolijk!
    Ik was laatst ook nog in the bodyshop en toen zag ik dit inderdaad liggen.
    Ik had niet verwacht dat het er zó leuk uit zou zien :)
    Ik volg je! Zou het leuk vinden als je ook een kijkje op mijn blog wil nemen!



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